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We make the best effort to provide the most accurate information for every piece of jewelry within our shop. Many of our items have been crafted in different colors and sizes, so we make sure to lay out this information clearly for you. We also provide photos in different angles, so you can see how each piece looks up close and worn. Please make sure you go by the actual measurements of the item to make your purchase, as some photos are enlarged to show you details. If you need additional information, please contact us and we can guide you through your purchase process.


Most orders will be processed within 1-5 business days and will ship 1-2 business days after your order is completed. A lot of our pieces are handmade, for that reason the processing time may increase but not to worry, we will communicate every step of the way if that is the case. 


Please note USPS is experiencing more delays than usual due to COVID-19 as they are experiencing limited transportation availability. They have also been experiencing an increase in volume and that has delayed their operations. Please account for additional days within the estimation provided. Once the packages leave our shop we are not in control of the courier's operations. All packages are not been scanned once they leave our shop. We only create the label once the shipment is ready to be picked up the same day or the following. No packages are left behind at our shop. 

To help you expedite your service, you may purchase a FedEx, UPS, or DHL label from us or own your own and we will gladly drop these for you at their shipping facilities. 

Before placing an order, please make sure your address is correct. If your shipment is returned, you are responsible for the additional shipping charges. If we can't book your shipment due to an incorrect address submission, we will not ship your package until you have verified your address.


Before choosing a size for your necklace, chain, and or anklet, please make sure you have measured your size correctly. We are not responsible for incorrect sizing requests. We make every piece at the exact size you request. Contact us for sizing questions, we are here to help.


Custom orders are made to your specifications; there will be no changes after the order has started to be crafted. No exchanges or refunds will be granted.


All items are nicely packaged ready to gift in elegant jewelry boxes, except red strings and small items that will come in a grey pouch. If your purchase contains different gifts please let us know so we can package them individually.



Our gold-filled jewelry, while durable, will naturally oxidize and retain residues from body oils, air, & moisture. We recommend the following care tips:

  1. Store your jewelry in a dry place. Keep your pieces in an airtight container, and or Ziplock bag.
  2. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing to take off at night.
  3. Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals including beauty products (hair spray/gel, body lotion, perfume, etc.). Also, from chlorine and salt water (e.g.: pools, hot tubs, beach, etc.) and saunas to avoid tarnish and discoloration.
  4. If your items do tarnish, you can wash them gently with a mild soap and water, scribing gently with your hands under running water, that will restore the shine in your pieces.
  5. Avoid wearing while swimming, exercising, or performing any physical activities.
  6. An acidic pH level in your sweat and other natural oils from your body can cause corrosion of any non-gold metals present on your jewelry, leaving a dark chemical compound behind which can stain your skin. This reaction can be worsened in semi-tropical locations and near the ocean where salt is in the air. Although rare, it does happen to about 1% of the population. The high acidity will compromise your piece eating away the gold content and causing it to fade.
  7. We also recommend handling your pieces with care. Avoid use of excessive force while putting on or removing your jewelry. This will help keep the integrity of your design.