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Gold filled Jewelry


​Gold-filled jewelry should be stored in a dry place. The outside layer is karat gold, so it will not tarnish as quickly as sterling silver. However, tarnishing elements act very quickly depending on the pH of your skin and the care you take of your jewelry. Knowing the pH of your skin can make all the difference. An acidic pH level in the body will also be manifested through your skin, causing specific reactions with any jewelry that comes in direct contact with it. The pH levels of your skin can cause specific reactions between your skin and your chosen jewelry. Sulfur and amino acids found in perspiration will cause discolorations either on your skin (making it green) or your jewelry. If your sweat has a highly acidic characteristic, chances are, the pieces you’re wearing will tarnish.

Also, a very small percentage of people do have skin allergies to metals other than solid gold. If you have already experienced allergies with non solid gold jewelry, it is very likely you will be allergic to Gold Filled.