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Sterling Silver Mother Pearl Hamsa Necklace
Sterling Silver Paperclip Necklace
Save 28%
Sun Earrings in Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver
Save 17%
Thick Large Link Paperclip Chain Necklace | Gold Filled
Save 23%
Thin Gold and Glossy Herringbone Necklace in Gold Vermeil
Save 23%
Save 30%
Save 9%
Save 18%
Save 22%
Tiny 14K Solid Gold Clover Earrings
1 in stock
Tiny Choker Diamond Necklace
Tiny Clover Leaf Pave Stud Earring
Save 20%
Tiny Cross Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
Save 20%
Tiny Hamsa Earrings
Tiny Lightning Bolt Pave Stud Earring in Sterling Silver
4 in stock
Save 23%
Tiny Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Necklace
Save 31%
Save 32%
Tiny Sun Earrings
Save 26%
Tiny Sun Earrings
$35.00 $47.00
Save 34%
Save 9%
Save 27%
Save 30%
Triple Box Chain Choker Necklace
Save 31%
Save 35%
Save 31%
Save 29%
Save 38%
Two Tone 14K Gold Moon and Star Necklace
Save 15%
Save 16%
YanYa Gift Card
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